Finally I’ve Filmed a Wash Routine!

I can’t believe that I’ve never filmed my wash routine before!

Here’s how I pre-poo, shampoo and deep condition my curls! My hair is dry and chemically damaged from bleached highlights so the products used here help me to restore my hairs strength as well as infusing softness and moisture!

There are so many ways to wash and care for natural hair, this is just what works for me!

This curly wash routine tends to be suitable for those with similar hair properties to me, and maybe in the 3b-4a range too. Hopefully this tutorial give you some helpful tips!



Let me know what you think!


Pre-poo Treatment – Lush “Roots”

Shampoo – Palmers Coconut Oil Shampoo

Conditioner – Palmers Cocoa Butter Conditioner

Leave In – Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle


Lotsa Love,

tikka 6

The Curly Cockney



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