Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Beauty Secret – AfroFit Coconut Oil Review

Now, this blog post is long overdue! I finished the jar about 3 months ago!



When I first stumbled into the natural hair and beauty world….I felt like a goldfish thrown out of the bowl and into the Pacific Ocean!

There were so many rules and guidelines in curly girl world that were just far too overwhelming to process all at once. Every aspect of my hair care routine had to change…..from shampooing to conditioning to styling to brushing…..too much!

On top of that came the realisation that I had to not only read….but COMPREHEND every single item in the ingredients list of every single product! Hidden *inconspicuously renamed* mineral oil, petrolatum, silicones, sulfates, alcohol and parabens were more insidious than McDonald’s salads.

The only golden nugget which helped me in the beginning was coconut oil. The holy water of natural hair world, coconut oil could be used in every aspect of curly hair care….basically, stick with coconut oil and you can’t go wrong!

Over the years, I still find that it is the best oil for my curls and I use it for my prepoo, deep conditioning, leave in, sealant and to make my hair shine in styles. I’ve also found coconut oil to be one of the only things that can moisturise my hair when it has been flat ironed.

So as you can imagine, I was so delighted when AfroFit sent me a big old 460g jar of the coconutty goodness! AfroFit’s coconut oil is 100% virgin, is ethically produced and directly sourced from Ghanaian farmers.

Not only is their coconut oil of high standard, but they also promote healthy and active lifestyles! They have their own workout DVD, AfroFit: Core Tone, which is a high intensity cardiovascular and body conditioning programme. I really enjoyed working out to it on my cardio days, working out to this DVD before breakfast (whilst your body is in a fasted state) will accelerate fat burning and help to shift the stubborn body fat  that clings to many of us females! It’s also a great alternative for the annoying moments when you can’t get to the gym!

afro fit dvd

Before I get into my review of AfroFit’s coconut oil, I want to outline just how useful coconut oil is when it comes to hair, beauty and skin care…..and also just how nutritious it is for your body!


Coconut Oil For Skincare…..


It happens to the best of us… wake up with an obese yellow spot that’s decided to appear overnight slap bang on the middle of your face! Coconut oil is one of the best natural oils for zit banishing! Its powerful anti-bacterial properties will help to clear up blemishes from the first application! Applying to the face regularly before you go to sleep will help to keep your complexion clear and make the most of your skins overnight rejuvenation process.

Have you ever had an angry rash just possess your skin? Itchy, red, raw…..and just plain nasty?! Coconut oil is your saviour! It’s strong anti bacterial properties will help to not only soothe the irritation but to also fight the source of the problem! For any of my fellow parents out there…..coconut oil is the best remedy for nappy rash! It works in double the time that the leading nappy rash cream does and regular application will help to prevent any recurring nappy rash.

I think all of us suffer from partial dry skin in the winter! Coconut oil is one of the best moisturisers for your skin! Easily absorbed, long lasting and all natural… chemicals that can be absorbed into your lymph nodes/blood stream! Just apply liberally to damp skin and enjoy heavenly soft,non-greasy and lightly scented skin!


Coconut Oil For Hair….. 

curly hair

Coconut oil is said to be one of the few oils that can penetrate the shaft. The other oils include extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil (although I’d argue that argan oil is included in that list too!) This means that coconut oil can deliver nutrients into the strand as well as sealing in moisture for ultra nourished hair!

Coconut oil is also said to prevent keratin loss when applied to the hair strand. This is perfect for anyone with overly porous hair, ESPECIALLY those who have ever done any damaging processes such as flat ironing or bleaching.

For those who suffer from the annoyingness which is a dry and itchy scalp, coconut oil is perfect for restoring moisture, soothing irritation and treating any underlying infection. To maintain a healthy scalp, simply massage coconut oil into the scalp after every wash. Add in a few drops of lavender essential oil for an extra sensuous and nourishing massage. In severe cases, massage coconut oil into the scalp every day, adding in a few drops of tea tree/rosemary or lavender essential oil will also help to prevent further irritation.


Coconut Oil For Nutrition…..

healthy body

Most of us on a western diet consumer far too much sugar! It’s hidden in pretty much every processed food we eat! We certainly know the dangers of too much sugar consumption when it comes to excess body fat, decreased insulin sensitivity and tooth decay…..but are you aware that sugar actually helps to ruin our digestive function too?

A diet high in sugar helps to feed the bad bacteria in the gut called candida. This fungus can lead to IBS, bloating and some pretty horrible white rashes all over the skin! Now….coconut oil is the only food outside of breastmilk that contains lauric acid. Lauric acid helps to seal the walls of the intestines and will also coat the candida growing on those walls which over time will start to starve them of the sugar they need. All those who suffer from candida infections know that the best way to clear the infection is to completely cut out sugar….but coconut oil will help you to see results dramatically faster.

Sorry for the ramble up above, but it’s quite complex! So I’ll embed this video from the oh-so sexy Elliot from Strength Camp!

Coconut oil can help to lower the risk of heart disease!…….as well as many other illnesses too! The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil help to raise the levels of good cholesterol within the body. This means that the risk of heart disease is reduced dramatically in the long term!

There are thousands of benefits to consuming/using coconut oil that I can’t possibly delve into all of them within this post! Literally, I’d be here all week…..let’s just round it up and say that coconut oil is AWESOME!


So What Did I Think Of AfroFit?

Well, after everything I’ve just listed above, it comes as NO surprise that I loved it. It’s such a great multipurpose product that I used it in my cooking and for all my hair and beauty needs.

What I love about AfroFit’s coconut oil is that it’s virgin. You have to be very careful when choosing coconut oil as some on the market have been modified to the point where they no longer carry the same benefits that they should do. (I’ve also seen some cheeky buggers putting mineral oil in their branded coconut oil to pad it out……I’ll name and shame another day!)

As I mentioned previously, AfroFit’s coconut oil is directly sourced from farmers in Ghana and is a Fairtrade product.

The entire jar lasted me 2-3 months and I think it retails at £10 per jar. It’s so handy to have around the house and I thoroughly recommend it to all of my readers for pretty much all of their needs!

Check them out!


Lotsa Love,

pretty me 3

The Curly Cockney


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