Sensationnel Curly Hair Extensions/Instant Weave For Natural Hair: Review

In my four years of being natural…..I have honestly struggled with finding hair extensions that match my curl pattern exactly and look natural. Hence why I have always resorted to the flat iron and straight clip ins……

straight ext

….however! A new breed of hair extensions has been born! Introducing the instant weaves!

Instant weaves are a hybrid between hair extensions and wigs, they are better known as half or 3/4 wigs. The problem with extending curly hair is that due to the curl pattern, it’s very hard to blend traditional track extensions, unlike with straight hair.

Instant weaves cover the entire lower section of your hair like a wig and expose the front, crown and sides of your hair. This ultimately makes for a more natural finish and allow the extensions to blend more seamlessly into the natural hair, creating the appearance of more volume and length.

Below is the tutorial of how I apply my own curly extensions and instant weaves! I purchased this instant weave from eBay for £24.99. The hair is synthetic, but can be curled with curling irons and straighteners if used below a certain heat. The piece came in a variety of colours, I chose colour #4 which is a rich dark brown. You can also purchase this instant weave here.

Let me know what you all think! This is a perfect way to change up your look with any damage!

Lotsa Love,

The Curly Cockney


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