GoldCrush Hair Vitamins – Week Two Update

Hello my Doves!

If you are subbed to me on YouTube, you’ll probably see that I have started the GoldCrush Hair vitamins trial. I have been supplied with two months worth of capsules and I’m looking forward to seeing if I have any noticeable results during that time period!

I started taking them on the 24th January (Saturday) and I am now two weeks into my trial. So far, I haven’t noticed any side effects of the vitamins at all. I did get a few more spots within the first week of use, however this coincided with my period, so I think its more likely that it was just hormonal spots as I get them every month lasting for a few days.

The trick with any hair/beauty supplements is to stay hydrated and drink enough water to help your body flush out any excess that you may not need. I always drink up to two litres of water (or green/peppermint tea) per day, so this wasn’t really hard for me. Those who do notice any spots whilst using hair vitamins normally are not drinking enough water, causing any excess from the supplements to try and break out through the skin.

As I stated in the video, I do take other supplements. I drink whey protein shakes once per day and I also take omega 3 capsules once per day. I do believe that these supplements will work in harmony with the GoldCrush Hair vitamins and help me to see optimal results.

The ingredients are absolutely fabulous! These capsules contain:

Biotin (2.5mg), Collagen (100mg), MSM (200mg), Bamboo Silica (300mg), Spirulina (50mg), Vitamin A (100% of your RDA), Vitamin C (62% of RDA), Iron (128.57% of RDA), Selenium (36.36% of RDA) and Zinc (1mg)

There are also many other nutrients, however I only highlighted the ones with the highest percentages. As someone who has an iron deficiency anyway (meaning lots of spinach for me!), these capsules also seem to be great for overall health as well as hair/beauty.

Results So Far?

I have only been on the trial for two weeks however I can definitely notice a difference in my skin. My facial skin definitely feels thicker and is much more moisturised than usual. This is very similar to the previous Wassen Collagen Drinks trial that I did, I definitely think that the high collagen dosage within the GoldCrush Hair supplements has had a positive impact upon my skin, helping it to feel plump, moisturised and more elasticised.

As for my hair length, I’m waiting until it’s one month in to re-measure my length. Before starting the trial, it was about 17 inches long. I think there may be a slight visible difference since starting the trial. I didn’t really notice until I looked at my latest selfies. It may just be my wishful thinking (lol)….. judge for yourself!

goldcrush hair  selfie       silver highlights tutorial

The picture on the left is me the day I started the trial, the one on the right was taken yesterday (excuse the silver hair…..part of an upcoming tutorial!).

On the whole, I am liking the vitamins so far! I can’t wait to measure my hair on the 24th February and see how much growth I’ve had! 🙂

Lotsa Love,

The Curly Cockney


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