Shea Moisture UK Boots Launch Event #SheaLove

So I have to take a minute right now to express just how happy I am that one of my favourite brands has finally launched in major UK high street retailer Boots!

I may be looking too much into this (or perhaps I’m just overly attached to my hair!), but I really do see this as a monumental occasion for curly/natural haired women and a dawning of realisation for the mainstream beauty world who has refused to cater to us for so long (despite L’Oreal finding that those with textured hair spend 6x more on our tresses than straight haired women…..)

I remember the days of being weaved up and crispy frying my curls with cheap flat irons, desperately clicking through YouTube videos trying to find tips on how to transition…

I “went natural” back in 2010, so around this time there weren’t many (if any) British bloggers with natural hair, therefore all the vloggers I watched were American.

Every single vlogger mentioned that magical brand which provided them with glossy, bouncy, frizz free, moisturised and juicy curls – Shea Moisture!


It’s more than the beautiful ambassadors or the pretty packaging which instantly draws people to the brand. It’s the love and care that is poured into every jar and bottle which is what makes this brand so particularly special.

Shea Moisture has been around since 1912, with Grandmother Sofi Tucker making hand-made shea butter, African black soap and other cosmetics in her local village of Sierra Leone.

All of their products contain certified organic ingredients. The ingredients are also all fair trade, using shea butter sourced from womens co-ops in Ghana. They are also cruelty free, with not a single product tested on animals.

And if they couldn’t get any more golden…..the packaging is also all made from recycled materials too!

I have to say that as a consumer myself, the quality really is superior to all other brands out there at this moment for natural hair. Not only are the ingredients as close to all-natural as possible, but they also continually explore the globe to find new ingredients to keep us excited and engaged!

From anti-oxidant super fruits to every day diet staples found in the West Africa region (Plantain and Yucca), there’s a range for every hair type filled with ingredients so delicious, you feel as though you are feeding nourishment into your hair and scalp! Shea Moisture also misses a lot of the “junk” that’s added to other product lines, such as silicones, mineral oil and parabens.

Check out the yumminess of the decadent event hosted in Oxford Circus, London!

IMG_1526 IMG_1528 IMG_1531 IMG_1539 IMG_1542 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1553

This brand is most definitely going to be loved by ALL consumers…..not just us curly girls!

I highly recommend Shea Moisture for any one with colour treated, chemically processed, naturally dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Due to the natural organic ingredients and lack of harsh preservatives, I also think that this line is great for those with sensitive scalps.

If it didn’t get any better…….Shea Moisture has also kindly gifted me with some goodies to try and review for you all! Expect to hear my thoughts within the next few months! (I have a HUGE backlog to work through!)


So my lovely readers…..have any of you used this product line before? Let me know in the comments! Or alternatively….tweet me! @TheCurlyCockney 😉

Lotsa Love,

pretty me 2

The Curly Cockney



One thought on “Shea Moisture UK Boots Launch Event #SheaLove

  1. I love, love, love Shea Moisture. Unfortunatly I got very dissapointed when I bought the products from Boots. They don’t have the same inci and the conditioner was not as thick as the original, but very runny, almost like water.


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