Fresh Bloody Zombie Tutorial | My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag : HALLOWEEN

Hey guys,

I have yet to directly introduce my readers and viewers to my boyfriend, so you guys obviously haven’t seen him in any of my posts or videos.

old pic me and chris

He is an incredibly competitive (yet creative) person and was absolutely determined to “out-Halloween” me after seeing my last tutorial.


So…..we went out to Partica in Bromley, South London (best shop ever for fancy dress, balloons, etc) and stocked up on liquid latex, fake blood, face paints and spirit gum.

This look really is simple but flat out disgusting and creepy! I was so impressed with the mouth piece particularly and how he’d actually managed to make it look like skin that was melting/peeling off…….gross!

bf does my halloween

What would make it even better would be some creepy white or yellow eye contacts!

Check out the tutorial below!

What do you guys think? Did he do a good job??

Let me know in the comments!

Lotsa Love,


The Curly Cockney


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