The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week – Monday 21st March

Hello my lovelies!

I attended The Bloggers Hangout fashion week on Monday 21st March. It was my first Bloggers Hangout event and I was super excited to be attending!

I was very impressed with just how organised the event was with many new and small business vendors occupying the gorgeous studio rooms.

There were a few brands that I recognised, such as The Curl Company (trust me as The Curly Cockney to be familiar with the curly hair brand!) and Zeo sparkling juice drinks.

However, most of the brands and products on display were very new to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with their representatives and seeing live demonstrations of the products.

Check out the snaps below:


I walked away from the day with many goody bags and an abundance of samples to try out! I can’t wait to trial these gorgeous products and review them here on my blog for you all 🙂

  • The Curl Company full product range (shampoo, hair mask, styling crème gel, curl defining mousse, curl cream and styling spray).
  • Monu Skin fill range (active cleanser, toner, moisturiser and brightening serum).
  • LDN Skin self tan
  • L.A.B 2 makeup utensils (beauty blender and blush brush)
  • Bravura London (First Cleanse Oil and toner)
  • Weleda Skin Food (intensive moisturiser)
  • Kenneth Turner Midsummer Night room spray

Can’t wait to keep you all updated with these product reviews over the coming months!

Lotsa Love,


curlyhairstyle 3.2

The Curly Cockney


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