My name is Jade. I started The Curly Cockney YouTube Channel on September 18th 2013, and I have gained some awesome subbies and met some incredible people along the way!

I’m a natural hair enthusiast but I also have a passion for beauty, fashion, fitness and just general issue discussing. I’m also a mother of one as well as a kick ass digital marketing analyst by day 😀

Thank you for stopping by! If you’d like to know more about me or perhaps would like to connect with me, drop me an e-mail: thecurlycockney@gmail.com

Much love!

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The Curly Cockney

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for your great article in 2 parts regarding people of mixed heritage.
    I have a dual heritage as well
    as citizenship and have lived in both of my countries – 18 years in Nigeria (my father’s home country) and 25 years in Switzerland (mother’s home country). Based on my experiences in both countries, I could easily comprehend and agree on what you have written.
    In my humble view, categorizing mixed people either as black or as white is detrimental and discriminatory.
    For instance, I was often asked by people in Nigeria, whether people in Switzerland recognized me as being a person of nigerian heritage, while in people in Switzerland asked whether Nigerian people recognized me as being of Swiss heritage.
    For me, both of my heritages are equally important and I strive to live up to this principle in my daily life.


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