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The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week – Monday 21st March

Hello my lovelies!

I attended The Bloggers Hangout fashion week on Monday 21st March. It was my first Bloggers Hangout event and I was super excited to be attending!

I was very impressed with just how organised the event was with many new and small business vendors occupying the gorgeous studio rooms.

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The London Health Show 2016!

Hello my lovelies,

So, I will be attending The London Health Show on Wednesday 20th January 2016 at Olympia!

2016 is the year to start pushing myself beyond my usually comfort zone! To me, this means that I want to partake in more physical challenges for charity AND…….I am planning to go 100% vegan!!!

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How Does Your Diet Affect Your Hair…? Female Hair Growth and Loss

So……just like everyone else on January 1st…..I was determined to get rid of the months worth of mulled wine, roast dinner and Quality Street that clung to my thighs!

As many of you may know (who have followed me on YouTube) I’m avidly into my strength training, and I’m always looking for ways to cut body fat whilst preserving my hard earned muscle. I had seen lots of talk about intermittent fasting all over the bodybuilding and fitness websites and I naively thought that it would be the perfect way for me to kick start 2015.

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GoldCrush Hair Vitamins – Week Two Update

Hello my Doves!

If you are subbed to me on YouTube, you’ll probably see that I have started the GoldCrush Hair vitamins trial. I have been supplied with two months worth of capsules and I’m looking forward to seeing if I have any noticeable results during that time period!

I started taking them on the 24th January (Saturday) and I am now two weeks into my trial. So far, I haven’t noticed any side effects of the vitamins at all. I did get a few more spots within the first week of use, however this coincided with my period, so I think its more likely that it was just hormonal spots as I get them every month lasting for a few days.
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Sensationnel Curly Hair Extensions/Instant Weave For Natural Hair: Review

In my four years of being natural…..I have honestly struggled with finding hair extensions that match my curl pattern exactly and look natural. Hence why I have always resorted to the flat iron and straight clip ins……

straight ext

….however! A new breed of hair extensions has been born! Introducing the instant weaves!
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What’s Your Natural Hair Inspiration?

Guys, I have to admit something……..this natural hair world can be too much sometimes.

It’s no secret that the majority of the population still doesn’t understand natural curly and kinky hair. Our own little natural hair world is full of quirky (yet some bullshit) rules and a one-size-fits-all mentality.

So sometimes, it can be a little hard to stay on the natural hair wagon. There can be macro level dramas such as judgement from other naturals and also micro level dilemmas such as worrying about whether your hair is growing fast enough.

Sometimes, we have unrealistic expectations when it comes to our natural hair. The difficult thing here is that although we are exposed to many different curl types on social media…..sometimes we can be succumbed into “hair porn”.
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Face It Ladies…..Men Prefer Natural Hair!

sexy natural hair main

Now, I’m probably going to hurt a few feelings here…..

When it comes to hair, after my four years of being natural, I have to say…..that men prefer natural hair!

They prefer the way it feels, the way it moves, the way it smells, the way they can pull on it…..AND especially the way it looks!

Male Attention

When I first went natural, I was very insecure. Whilst I do have a long term boyfriend, it is also nice to receive smiles and admiring glances…..it’s nice to feel ATTRACTIVE despite the fact that my days of trying to attract the opposite sex were/are long long long over.
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