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What’s In My Gym Bag?

Hello my lovelies!

So, this is something I haven’t talked about on my blog so far….however I do think it’s time to start talking about this as it is a pretty large aspect of my life!

On January 1st 2013, I made a new years resolution that I wanted to drastically change my body composition with heavy weightlifting and HIIT training.

I had gained about 20kg (44 lbs) whilst I was pregnant with my son and I was having a very hard time getting the baby weight off…..however I promise to talk more about this specific struggle in a future YouTube video/blog post!

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Khadi Rose Hair Repair Shampoo Review

So My Munchkins,

I have one of the most exquisitely packaged shampoos that I have seen in my life to review today….all the way from Germany! Khadi Rose Hair Repair Shampoo.

This nourishing shampoo contains lots of juicy ingredients including natural cleansers and oils, with natural extracts such as hibiscus, rose and aloe vera gel.

Khadi Rose Hair Repair Shampoo is also full of proteins and ceramides to help strengthen and repair damaged hair. Just check out the sumptuous ingredients below:
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Shea Moisture UK Boots Launch Event #SheaLove

So I have to take a minute right now to express just how happy I am that one of my favourite brands has finally launched in major UK high street retailer Boots!

I may be looking too much into this (or perhaps I’m just overly attached to my hair!), but I really do see this as a monumental occasion for curly/natural haired women and a dawning of realisation for the mainstream beauty world who has refused to cater to us for so long (despite L’Oreal finding that those with textured hair spend 6x more on our tresses than straight haired women…..)

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Motions Natural Textures Review – Detangling Pre-Wash Butter & Texture Defining Cream

Now….I really have been sitting on these products for too long!

However, I feel as though the time I’ve taken using these products will really help to give you all an accurate idea of how they worked for me and my loopy corkscrew curls.

Over the years, Motions has undergone a total branding overhaul and has really gotten to know us naturals and our specific needs in a post-relaxer world.

They know what we ultimately want in our curly regimes…..and they also seem to know our naughty rebellious curly girl tendencies! (I do not know a single natural who threw her GHD’s in the bin after transitioning……*sips tea*)

So I was very intrigued and happy to be trying out two of their products from their Natural Textures line. The Pre-wash Detangling Butter and Enhance & Define Versatile Texture Defining Cream….
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Big Hair Leave In Moisturising Milk and Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment Review

To all my “all-natural” hair care lovers……this review is for you!

I’m not a big user of all-natural products…..however, I have noticed that as my hair gets longer (and the damaged ends are getting trimmed away into extinction), my hair seems to respond better to these kind of products rather than the usual silicone laden ones.

I was sent these products by Big Hair as a gift and I was so impressed with these beauties that I decided that I just HAD to share my honest opinion with my doves too 🙂

Now…..to break down why these products are as awesome as bananas smothered in peanut butter (hmmmmm), here are the ingredients…..
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Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner Review

This leave in conditioner is like an ex boyfriend that I just keep going back to…..

It was the very first leave in conditioner that I ever tried when I embarked upon my natural hair journey over four years ago now…..and it’s one of the few products I that just find myself being drawn back to time and time again.

Contrary to the name……Mixed Chicks is actually aimed at women (and men) of all racial backgrounds with a variety of hair textures and curl types.

I mentioned in my previous article that this leave in conditioner seems to work well for me during both the spring and autumn/fall months due to the properties in the ingredients. Sometimes it is literally the only product that just ticks all the boxes (hence why it’s pretty much empty in the above picture)……
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Mizani Coconut Soufflé Light Moisturizing Hairdress Review

Soooo…..maybe I should start off with the few positives there are about this product……

It smells good! Fresh and coconutty.

It’s nice and thick, easily spreadable, will last a while. I found that this product worked best for me when it came to twist outs and braid outs (which I very rarely do), it would provide enough hold to help the styles last for days afterwards.


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Vatika Naturals Egg Protein Rejuvenating Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Review

This weeks review is of the Vatika Naturals Egg Protein with Honey Shampoo and Conditioner duo.

I’ve had these little beauties sitting in my bathroom for months now and I can’t believe I haven’t taken the time to review them!

All the way from the United Arab Emirates, this duo is a MUST HAVE for anyone with damaged/chemically treated hair (this includes bleach, hair dye, etc).

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