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What’s In My Gym Bag?

Hello my lovelies!

So, this is something I haven’t talked about on my blog so far….however I do think it’s time to start talking about this as it is a pretty large aspect of my life!

On January 1st 2013, I made a new years resolution that I wanted to drastically change my body composition with heavy weightlifting and HIIT training.

I had gained about 20kg (44 lbs) whilst I was pregnant with my son and I was having a very hard time getting the baby weight off…..however I promise to talk more about this specific struggle in a future YouTube video/blog post!

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Mizani Coconut Soufflé Light Moisturizing Hairdress Review

Soooo…..maybe I should start off with the few positives there are about this product……

It smells good! Fresh and coconutty.

It’s nice and thick, easily spreadable, will last a while. I found that this product worked best for me when it came to twist outs and braid outs (which I very rarely do), it would provide enough hold to help the styles last for days afterwards.


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