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Khadi Rose Hair Repair Shampoo Review

So My Munchkins,

I have one of the most exquisitely packaged shampoos that I have seen in my life to review today….all the way from Germany! Khadi Rose Hair Repair Shampoo.

This nourishing shampoo contains lots of juicy ingredients including natural cleansers and oils, with natural extracts such as hibiscus, rose and aloe vera gel.

Khadi Rose Hair Repair Shampoo is also full of proteins and ceramides to help strengthen and repair damaged hair. Just check out the sumptuous ingredients below:
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What’s So Wrong With Shampoo?

Whether you choose to shampoo or not is a very personal decision. Some people absolutely hate it and some people (like me) couldn’t be without it!

My advice here is do whatever works for your hair! You may hear everyone telling you to strictly co-wash as there is a widely held view that shampoo can be far too stripping for natural hair. However, I have to disagree (You all know how much I love doing that :P), some people neeeed to cleanse/clarify otherwise the product buildup will cause more dryness and breakage than a sulfate ever could.

As Jennifer Rose stated in Taren Guy’s Salon Series, “Would you take a bath in lotion?”

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